General objectives

The aim of the program is to educate and train academics to act in the most varied fields of biodiversity and biotechnology. It focuses on deepening the scientific, technical, and cultural formation of postgraduates to produce original and creative contributions in the area of scientific and technological research, as well as in the formation of qualified human resources in their areas of expertise. The program's development aims to integrate the participating institutions of the Legal Amazon States with the participation of professors, advisers, PhD students, and professionals from the productive sector to establish a joint and rationalized effort for the development of processes and products from biodiversity, as well as the development of advanced innovation management studies, which will contribute to the sustainable development of the Amazon and the improvement of the quality of life of the Amazon’s population.

Specific Goals:
  1. To qualify professionals for the generation of new inter- and multidisciplinary knowledge relating to the application of biotechnology for the sustainable use of the Amazon’s biodiversity.
  2. To train research groups to promote the formation of networks of inter- and multidisciplinary competence for the development of productive chains of products from biodiversity.
  3. To train professionals from public and private networks to improve their skills for higher education with an inter- and multidisciplinary approach in the areas of operation of biotechnology and biodiversity and conservation.
  4. To improve the productivity and quality of bioproducts through the application of theoretical and practical knowledge of genetic engineering techniques, fermentation processes, cultivation of animal and plant cells, and other technological processes.
  5. To stimulate research in experimental farms, public and private forest reserves, or even coming from demands of the industry and/or sectors of technological innovation.
  6. To develop new procedures for natural resource management, bioremediation, biological control, and the recovery of altered/degraded areas, with the purpose of protecting and sustainable development of the Amazon Biome.
  7. To promote the development of new biotechnologies directed toward the production of phytotherapeutics, biopharmaceuticals, new biomaterials, dyes, aromatics, and any products that contribute to the production of technology in the region while respecting the Amazonian communities and their regional cultures.
  8. To attract bio-industries and provide the genesis of bio-industrial poles in the Amazon with the purpose of using its biotechnological potential, with an emphasis on the conservation of its biodiversity.