Selection Process

Admission to the doctorate of PPG-BIONORTE takes place by a selection call. The selection process is based on the evaluation of a research project submitted by the candidate, the defense of this project in front of a committee, and an evaluation of the curriculum.

The selection process is carried out by the State Selection Process Commissions and the General Selection Process Commission, appointed for this purpose, by the State Coordinators and by the General Coordinator of PPG-BIONORTE.



1.1 Identify the concentration area, the research line, and the supervisor you wish to work with (see list of open positions). The curriculum vitae of the advisers can be consulted for reference on Plataforma Lattes.
1.2 The list of professors with vacancies can be found in Appendix I of the public announcement. Please contact the adviser of interest to discuss the research proposal.
1.3 To apply at BIONORTE’s portal, it is necessary to register. If the applicant has already registered, log in and choose the registration option.
1.4 Once in the Selection menu, follow the instructions below:
  • Fill in all of the required fields of the Registration Form. 
  • Identify the area of concentration, the research line, and two potential supervisors (in order of preference) with whom you wish to work with (see list of vacancies). The two supervisors indicated must be from the same location and have the same research line.
  • The list of professors with positions to be supervised can be found in the attachment of the public announcement. Contact the adviser of interest to discuss the research proposal.
  • In the option “Curriculum vitae” on Plataforma Lattes, check the instructions for “How to correctly fill out my CV Lattes”.  
  • Attach a copy of the Qualis B4 Article, or higher (published or accepted for publication, according to the Qualis-Capes criteria for the 2013-2016);
  • Attach the receipt of the deposit of R$ 100.00 made at: Banco do Brasil, Agency No. 5750-9, Current Account: 184-8, on behalf of the Fundação de Apoio ao Ensino, Pesquisa e Extensão - FAPEAD;
  • Attach a copy of your ID and CPF;
  • Attach a recent 3 × 4 photo;
  • Foreign applicants should attach a copy of their passport;
  • Attach a copy of your school transcripts and your undergraduate and Master's degrees;
  • Attach a copy of the electoral discharge receipt;
  • Attach proof of English proficiency;
  • Attach the ZIP file containing your curriculum vitae on Plataforma Lattes in XML format (available in the "Export" option of the Lattes);
  • Fill out the “Curriculum Vitae Score Form” as requested by the system;
  • Attach the proofs of the documents indicated in the “Curriculum Vitae Score Sheet” in the system (PDF, JPEG, or PNG). You can attach each document as indicated in the Score Sheet, identifying in the "Note" part the type of document. For example: “Published Qualis A2 article”, “Scientific Initiation with scholarship”, etc.
  • Attach your research proposal.
1.5 The research proposal must be written by the candidate relevant to the areas of biotechnology and biodiversity, the line of research of the PPG-BIONORTE chosen by the candidate, and the supervisor’s research.

The project must be elaborated according to the schedule specified in the Annex to the EDITAL.

1.6 The registration must be made through the Electronic Academic System, through the website: 
1.7 After registration, the registration form and all the attached documentation (mentioned in item 5.7 paragraphs "b" to "k", with the files identified by Letter and Name, according to the document established in subitem 5.7) must be sent to the e-mail of the General Secretariat of PPG-BIONORTE:, with a copy to the e-mail of the State Secretariat (of the adviser of interest) until the last day of the registration deadline in a single file compressed in ZIP format.



The PPG-BIONORTE doctoral course will be offered in the following areas of concentration and research lines:

  • Concentration Area 1: Biodiversity and Conservation
    • Research line 1.1: Knowledge of biodiversity
    • Research line 1.2: Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
  • Concentration Area 2: Biotechnology
    • Research line 2.1: Bioprospection and development of bioprocesses and bioproducts

  • Holders of a Master's degree or graduate program certificate recognized by CAPES or validated by a graduate program recognized by CAPES, according to the legal norms.
  • Holders of graduation diploma with confirmed scientific production, as described in subsection 5.3 of this announcement.
  • Foreign applicants with a Master's degree in a higher education institution, as evidenced by the official authorities of the respective country.


The registration period for this selection process will be from 08/17/2020 to 09/16/2020.

Click here to see the schedule of announcement no. 19/2020-PPG/CPG/UEMA.


The classification will be determined by the sum of the score obtained in the curriculum vitae (result of step 1) with the score obtained in the thesis project (result of step 2). In the case of a tie, the impact factor averages (according to JCR) of the published articles will be considered at the first moment and, if the tie persists, the number of publications classified in the Qualis of CAPES.

The final result of the selection, with the list of all the candidates approved and respecting the number of vacancies assigned in this announcement, will be published, according to item 8, in the State Secretariat of the PPG-BIONORTE of each state and in the electronic address:

No information will be given about the results of the selection process by telephone. The final score can only be visualized by the candidate on the online portal at the end of the selection process.


  • Screenplay for research proposal


Click here to see the availability of supervisors’ vacancies for announcement no. 19/2020-PPG/CPG/UEMA


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